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Contact for questions, inquiries or suggestions

Contacting us for constructive dialog, general questions about the simulator or for suggestions is explicitly allowed and desired. In fact, I would be very grateful for any hints on bugs in the simulator or suggestions on how to improve it.

Disclaimer and information according to §34b WpHG

This website does not contain any recommendations for buying, selling or trading specific securities products such as stocks, bonds, ETFs or funds. Rather, it discusses general investment strategies and calculates their possible outcomes using historical stock prices in a simulator. Actual future performance will, by its very nature, always deviate from such historical performance. An investment in such products therefore involves risks.

All texts and information on this website do not constitute investment advice or recommendation.

I do not assume any liability for personal investment decisions that may be made based on or influenced by information on this website. All information provided and especially the results of the simulator are for educational and private entertainment purposes only.

Furthermore, the simulator contained on this website is an application developed by myself and may therefore contain errors in the program logic or in the underlying quote data. Input fields are also not fully checked for semantic or content consistency, so such inputs may also lead to erroneous or nonsensical results. Any results of the simulator should therefore be critically reviewed and carefully compared with own data, results and independent information. I do not assume any liability for the results of the simulator.