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Welcome to Predict-FI.com

After a somewhat lenghty preparation phase I would like to announce today the “official” start of Predict-FI.com. As the name suggests, just another page that deals with calculations around financial independence. This means we will cover topics like Safe Withdrawal Rates, Sequence-Of-Return-Risks, Inflation-Effects, etc.

In contrast to many other similar pages, this blog however, will only play a supporting role. The leading role of Predict-FI.com will be the attached Simulator that allows everybody to carry out his oder her individual analysis regarding financial independence.

Anybody who is concerned about data privacy aspects here (and who wouldn’t?) should carefully read the respective Data Privacy Notes. Some background information about this project as well as about me personally you can also find on the “About”-Page.

This blog aims to publish roughly one article per week that covers a virtual case-study in the FI-context with the simulator and that hopefully brings across some insights or challenges around a particular topic or problem. At the same time, I look forward to your feedback whenever you execute your own analysis with this tool. Feel free to use the comments in the blog for this (also possible anonymously). You can also subscribe to this blog using the RSS link in the main navigation bar or this link.

This simulator was developed completely by myself and is therefore pretty much focused on my own questions I wanted to answer. Nevertheless I am very open to receive good ideas to extend its functionality and I am also pretty certain, that this beast still also contains a few bugs that hopefully see the light of day this way.

As an introduction into the tool, I would encourage everybody to have a look at the following documentation pages, which are

All articles are also linked on the homepage as well and should serve as a good starting point into using the simulator. I would actually recommend to open the simulator in a parallel tab and just try it out while reading them. Hopefully some of the concepts and ideas should then already become clearer. Since I have worked on this toolset for several months, I am not in the best position any longer to recognize serious usability issues. If you see something that does not make sense from your point of view, please don’t hesitate to let me know in the comments.

Last but not least: I can not really estimate how many people are actually interested in using such a tool. However, if too many try to use it at the same time, I fear that cloud istance that is currently hosting this thing could reach its limit. Until this is the case, however, I would like to pop the virtual Champagne bottle here 🍾 and wish us all some good discussions and hopefully also some insights.